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Clos Beylesse

Côtes de Provence


Domaine de l’Abbaye, surrounded by terraces was once connected to the Abbey of Thoronet
founded in the 13th century. At that time, the monks were cultivating the land. In 1990, the Cuvée Clos Beylesse was the first one to be rated 3 stars by the Guide Hachette in France and ever since has become an iconic wine on the French Riviera, the Hamptons and Caribbean Islands. The selection of this UV protectant blue bottle highlights our uncompromising dedication to high quality rosé.

  • CERTIFICATION : Terra Vitis
  • GRAPE-VARIETY: 50% Syrah, 25% Grenache, 15% Cinsault, 10% Rolle
  • AVERAGE PRODUCTION: 40 hl per hectare
  • GROWING LOCATION: This wine is made from carefully selected grapes grown at Domaine de l’Abbaye in Le Thoronet.
  • VINEYARD FEATURES: Le Thoronet is an enchanting village – to the northwest of Saint Tropez, in the rolling hills of North Provence with the vineyards set amongst the forests and flora of this beautiful region. Here the soils vary to more clay-limestone base. The wines from Le Thoronet offer great texture and aromatic intensity.
  • WINEMAKING PROCESS: Domaine de l’Abbaye is all about expressing the very best of the Provence vineyards. With this comes cutting‑edge technology and a great legacy of winemaking experience. To guarantee the long living delicate aroma and flavor‑profile of Provence Rosé requires extremely careful handling of the fruit. To that end we harvest only by hand at night when the heat of the vineyard is at its lowest. As the fruit is received at the winery it undergoes the revolutionary ‘optical sorting’ process – where the berries are put through the de‑stemmer and on the way to the press, pass on a conveyor where a computer visually assesses each berry. If the berry is not of optimum integrity, a microjet of air will remove the damaged or faulty berry from the sort! This incredible technology guarantees only the cleanest, most perfect fruit make it into this wine. From here the fruit enters the “Saignée” process where the juice is extracted with the help of gravity only without squeezing the grapes in order to obtain the elegance, maximize aromatic pureness and retain mineral freshness.
  • TASTING NOTES: A gorgeous shade of blush pink in the glass, the aroma profile invokes bright summer berries and Provençal herbs, wrapped in a minerality that makes this wine exceptionally fresh. Clos Beylesse Rosé is full bodied with great complexity and elegance, delicious as an aperitif or with a range of Provençal cuisine.
  • PAIRINGS: This wine goes perfectly with olives, tapenade & crostini, seafood or salad.
  • BOTTLE SIZE Lt. : 750ml